Below are the instructions for adding your event to the events calendar.  Take a look at some of the other listings for guidance.  We suggest that you keep a document with your show details that you can use each time you add a new show, as expired shows will drop off and cannot be duplicated.

Only members of Wedding Show Pros may post their shows to this calendar. We’d love to have you join this endeavor!

  1. Click on the ‘Post Your Event’ button on the upper left of the calendar listings.
  2. Enter your show name.
  3. Enter your show date.  Uncheck the ‘All Day’ box and enter your show hours.
  4. Enter the name and address of your show venue.  Check the ‘Include map’ box.
  5. Under ‘Categories’, select the time zone in which your show takes place. We assign different color scheme to each time zone.
  6. Under ‘Tags’, enter the following three items:  City name, state name, and state abbreviation.  Please do not use any extraneous tags other than these three.
  7. Enter a description of your show.
  8. Enter your show name in the ‘Organizer Name’ field.
  9. Enter your phone number if you want it to be shown in your listing.
  10. Enter your show URL.
  11. Enter your ticket price.  The ticket price will appear exactly as entered, so use the $ sign. You may include an offer code on this line.
  12. Upload an image. This image should be low resolution and approximately 1500 x 1000 pixels in size; however, the calendar will automatically adjust the size. The image should be a captivating photograph with minimal text (think Pinterest).  Please do not use logos or text-intensive graphics.
  13. Click the ‘Submit Event’ button. Your listing will appear after it is approved.
  14. If you need to correct or change a listing, please email and we will make the change for you.  Or, you can simply submit a new listing.